Water Softening

Soften Your Water Before It Damages Your Pipes

Soften Your Water Before It Damages Your Pipes

Choose the right water treatment system for your home in Lake Charles & Moss Bluff, LA

As water travels through the ground and into delivery systems, it picks up minerals along the way. Sometimes, it picks up too much of a certain mineral, like calcium or magnesium, and becomes what we refer to as "hard water."

Hard water can damage your household appliances and cause your water bill to skyrocket. If you have hard water, Independent Water Systems can help.

To speak with a specialist about purchasing a water softener in Lake Charles & Moss Bluff, LA, call 337-526-8885 today. Our equipment includes a ten-year warranty.

Keep your water sediment-free

Hard water can be tricky to recognize, especially if you've gotten used to the feel and taste of it. Your water is most likely hard if:

  • Your pipes, especially steel ones, are in constant need of repair
  • Your washing machine has buildup or your clothes are turning gray
  • Your water bill seems high
  • Your dishes and glassware have buildup even after you wash them

Schedule a free consultation with Independent Water Systems today. We'll get rid of your hard water problems and keep your pipes flowing smoothly.